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Aloysius "Ish" M. Boyle
Managing Partner

Michael J. Maher
Founder & Managing Partner

Jennifer L. Maher, Esq.
General Counsel & Partner

Ryan E. Peters, Esq.

Mark M. Saltzburg, Esq.

Aloysius "Ish" Boyle has a dedicated career of honoring, advocating, and supporting our nation's first responders, military personnel, veterans and their families. As business development manager with ADS Incorporated, Ish ensures our war fighters are mission ready: at home or forward deployed. Previously, he served over 7 years as an Infantry Officer in the Marine Corps completing multiple combat deployments. In his final tour of duty, Ish was hand-selected by Marine Corps leadership to care for our Wounded, Ill, and Injured Marines and Sailors returning from Iraq & Afghanistan. He synchronized their medical and non-medical needs for a successful recovery. As the commanding officer both in combat and in the hospital, Ish developed the instincts to continually adapt in a complex and fast-moving environment. In this role, he developed a breadth of experience in Public Relations & Media, as well as Fundraising & Sponsorship.

Ish serves on the board of Travis Manion Foundation, which assists and supports our nation's veterans and families of Fallen Heroes. In his spare time, he advises corporations and philanthropic foundations on Board and Foundation Development. He regularly writes and speaks about leadership and defense related topics. Furthermore, he has been an advisor on military legal cases. He holds a BS from the United States Naval Academy where he graduated in 2005. Ish and his family currently reside in Old Town Alexandria, VA directly outside of Washington, DC.