Principled Business Solutions
"Doing the Right Thing is Good Business"
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Aloysius "Ish" M. Boyle
Managing Partner

Michael J. Maher
Founder & Partner

Jennifer L. Maher, Esq.
General Counsel & Partner

Ryan E. Peters, Esq.

Mark M. Saltzburg, Esq.

Principled Business Solutions is a tactical consulting firm that advises start-ups, small businesses, and non-profit organizations with their business challenges.  We are a solution-focused firm that believes principles should be the foundation of all business decisions.  We believe core values drive core competencies and examine challenges from an integrity-first perspective.

Our firm is directed by young, proven leaders who have distinguished backgrounds in the military, corporate, small business, and philanthropic arenas.  We have diverse experience and skills, which ensures that our clients receive sound and principled tactical advice.

At Principled Business Solutions, we immerse ourselves in the challenge.  Our clients’ challenges become ours, and we attack them with military-like attention to detail, planning, and preparation.  We make the execution phase the easy part for the client.

We will listen to your concerns, understand your challenges, and deliver an actionable solution.  We work diligently and relentlessly with the utmost commitment and professionalism to ensure you achieve your objectives.  We base our performance on results because, at the end of the day, nothing matters more.